About Us

About Us

RT Makina started its corporate activities in 1974 and while manufacturing for the iron and steel industry with the machinery investments it made in 1986 and 1994, polyurethane elastomer production was added with its new investments in 2008. With the year 2014, it continues its production under the name of RT Makina (our company name has been revised as RT Makina by using the initials of our company owner Recai Tozlu brain).

Our company entered the medical sector in 2015 with the machining of Hydrogen Peroxide (H²O²) Sterilization Device. For the medical sector with the RT Medikal brand; It is the leader in the production of adult and child face masks, ultrasonic mask body manufacturing machine, ultrasonic mask rubber mounting machine, sterilization closing machines (automatic closing, manual cutting and automatic cutting-off)
RT Machinery; is the manufacturer of technical materials, silicone, rubber and polyurethane parts for textile, iron-steel, paper, mdf, medical, plastic, oil/drilling sectors, and machines for different sectors. As of 2021, it manufactures sand mixing mixers in the fields of precision CNC machining, metal processing, rubber coating, polyurethane coating and grinding, on its 6.400m² land (2.400m² closed area) in its new location in Adana Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB). We continue to manufacture all kinds of metal castings with our sister companies.

RT Makina has been the leading
company in its field since 1974.

Our innovative approach in the sector, our R&D studies and the principle of applying "global quality standards" to every project we develop have been adopted by us. When requested, product quality control is also carried out by us with 3D measurement with CMM device.
In our corporate culture; Continuous customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing are prioritized.

Since 2009, our export sales volume has been increasing day by day. The majority of our company's sales are international giant companies.

Our company, which continues to grow consistently above the targets with our machinery and R&D investments, is an active and approved supplier of domestic and foreign giant brands with its team of approximately 45 people.

A product you design is prepared virtually in our R&D office, after the three-dimensional visuals are approved by the customer; After the machining stages, the casting is ready for shipment with the final quality control approval.
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