Machine Park
 - Hartford Double Column CNC Machining Center (3000x2000mm)
 - CNC Machining Center. (1200×700 mm)
 - CNC Machining Center. ((1000=600mm)
 - CNC Machining Center. ((1000=600mm)
 - CNC Borverk (2500X2800X2500 mm)
 - CNC Vertical Lathe (Ø3300 mm)
 - CNC Lathe (18 inch Ø800x2000mm) (up to Ø248 mm Hydraulic Moving Bed possibility)
 - CNC Lathe Machine (12 inch Ø500x1000mm)
 - CNC Lathe Machine (8 inch Ø300×500 mm)
 - Lathe Machine (Ø800x8000mm)
 - Lathe Machine (Ø800x6000mm)
 - Lathe Machine (Ø800x5000mm)
 - Lathe Machine (Ø600x2000mm)
 - 100 ton Hydraulic Press
 - Universal Milling Machine
 - Screw Compressor (7.5 Bar)
 - Gas Welding Machine
 - Column Drill
 - 3 ton Forklift
 - 3 ton Ceiling Crane
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